Support at eye level.
From entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Change and strategy: This way!

Growth financing or investor search? Company succession or sale?
Julia Golebiowski, Peter Romanus and their team have been successfully supporting entrepreneurs in transformation processes for years.

Experience and practice are decisive.

Whether IT, leisure industry, system catering or crafts:
The sometimes too-technical consultant perspective is not our thing – we stand by seasoned entrepreneurs as savvy, modern entrepreneurs.

What will happen? This.

Into which hands will the company fall in the future? How should the business continue? If a possible succession within the organisation presents itself, AUQUERO moderates the process and uncovers financing options and alternatives – this includes direct and pragmatic contact with banks and other financiers.

By the way…

AUQUERO has a proven and resilient network of lawyers, tax advisors, banks as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

In our understanding as entrepreneurs at eye level, we ourselves have been involved as investors in the following industries: Online Platforms, Web Hosting, Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism.

Currently, we are implementing an international leisure concept in Germany as a master franchise.


Julia Golebiowski, born 1992,

M.A. Futurology, B.A. Socio Economics and
start-up entrepreneur

Peter Romanus, born 1969,
business graduate and entrepreneur

Let’s go the whole hog.

AUQUERO assists the search for a buyer who really deserves the company.
 We prepare the sale and manage the time-consuming process filled with many
pitfalls, so that at the end the price is right for both parties.

Growth? It costs money.

The increasing current assets have to be financed. As long as the equity ratio is stable, the bank is glad to help. With strong growth, however, you quickly reach your limits. What is needed, therefore, is a partner who enters into a long-term, joint future, i.e. who has a stake in the company. Advantage: inflow of liquidity, without interest payments and blocking securities.